{Gluten-Free + Vegan} Holiday Newtons

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The last two three weeks, the stars have aligned against my putting up a post here. Despite being awfully busy, I’ve been maddeningly unproductive.

We spent a week at home for Thanksgiving, which I was of course excited about until we actually arrived. Then I wanted to go home. (Ain’t family great?) I can’t even think about going back for Christmas, and yet it’s happening.

On the flight home, a woman knocked my camera case out of the overhead bin while rummaging for a water bottle. It landed with a gut-wrenching thud in the aisle. It seemed fine, but I didn’t have time to check it properly because I walked straight off a red-eye flight into the insanity that is exam season. Continue reading…

{Vegan} Wild Rice Salad with Lentils, Apple, & Kale

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It’s early, but…happy Thanksgiving, friends! It’s probably heresy, but instead of a salted-caramel-pumpkin-spice-cranberry-apple-pie or whatever seasonally appropriate thing I’m supposed to be posting today, I’ve got a kale salad for you. Yup. Kale and wild rice, to be exact. 

If you’re dying for something modestly loaded with sugar for the upcoming feast, the Recipes section has you covered. I’d suggest pumpkin coffee cake with apples & cranberries, pumpkin muffins, apple and cheddar galettes, and pomegranate, tangerine, & champagne jellies, for starters. Maybe a biscuit-topped cobbler?

But if like me, you’re aware that some preemptive roughage may be in order, read on… Continue reading…

{Gluten-Free} Apple and Cheddar Galettes


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Apples and cheese are my favorite snack. I slice and core an apple before work, give it a quick soak in some lemon- or vinegar-spiked water to prevent browning, and take the slices with me in a reusable sandwich bag. (The one with apples on it, of course.)

Like everything else I eat, it is apparently cause for a bit of a stir in the office.

“Apples and cheese?” our custodian said incredulously when he poked his head in my office one day. And then, concerned, “You pregnant?”

Uhh…no. That would be a definite no.

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{Vegan} Curried Chickin Salad

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Being in your mid-twenties is such an awkward time. A horrified friend summed it up nicely: “I’m holding someone’s baby in like the last 30 photos on my Facebook!” Yep. Everyone is pregnant or wearing a small person. I can’t suppress an exasperated sigh anymore every time someone asks, “So when are you guys going to start having kids?”

Obviously, baby showers are my new jam. I’m kind of nervous about going to these things, as if pregnancy is contagious. Fortunately, I like to make finger sandwiches and sew miniature quilts, so it’s not all bad as long as there are no cheesy party games.

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{Gluten-Free} Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Apples & Cranberries

Pumpkin Cake 1 640px


I bought cranberries this weekend with the intention of making some iteration of a cranberry-orange pound cake, but woke up with something different on the brain: apple cake.

Okay, I can just make that Autumn Apple Cake that’s already up on the blog, I reasoned sleepily, shuffling toward the computer in J’s bathrobe. But when I pulled up the recipe, streusel topping came to mind. Karina makes a great pecan streusel topping, maybe I’ll add some of that. And the cranberries, of course. Oh! We don’t have sour cream. But there’s canned pumpkin, maybe that would be a good substitute?

And so, in the slanted sunlight of an autumn morning, the “all the fall things” cake came to be: a gluten-free pumpkin coffee cake with apples, cranberries, and pecan streusel.

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{Vegan} Thai Iced Coffee Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding 1 640px


Have you ever noticed that every Thai restaurant has iced coffee on the menu? Order it next time if you’ve never done so. You’ll find a cold, slightly sweet and milky brew with a hint of…what is that spice? Psst–it’s cardamom. Similarly, the Vietnamese have their own version of iced coffee, made with sticky sweetened condensed milk. To make these coffee drinks at home, WikiHow has variations on Thai coffee for you to try, and Coffee Geek has an absurdly detailed (but altogether in character) tutorial on Vietnamese iced coffee.

If that’s enough to send you trundling off to the kitchen to get your caffeine fix for the day, don’t bother clicking through. But if the thought of combining Thai iced coffee and an autumn staple, rice pudding, sounds intriguing, read on…


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{Vegan} Toasted Millet Tabbouleh with Butternut, Hazelnuts, and Pomegranate

Millet Salad 1 640px


Eating gluten-free means I inevitably end up having a salad when we go out. I used to like salad, I really did…until it became a symbol of everything that was off-limits. Now I throw a little pity party every time I have to eat a salad, complete with audible sighs and halfheartedly scooting leaves around my plate. Even though I love the idea of noshing on a big pile of vegetables, there is a strict ban on lettuce if I’m cooking for myself.

Despite the aforementioned aversion to lettuce, I’ve got salad on the brain this week. Not a pile of leaves with ranch and a few lonely olives, though. Especially since it’s October, we’re headed in a different direction, salad-wise. How about a thoughtful melange of whole grain, roasted squash, fruit, herbs, and nuts, barely graced by a tangy vinaigrette? Now that’s my kind of salad.


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{Vegan} Thai Sweet Potato Soup

Thai Soup 1 640px


Fall is always a welcome reset from the rush of summer and the beginning of the school year. The concept of autumn resolutions has always resonated more than the traditional new year’s ones: brew some darjeeling, scribble in your journal, call your mother, take stock. Meditate, ruminate, discern what’s on the horizon and how you are going to keep all the plates spinning for another year. Or perhaps figure out which ones you should let go. Continue reading…

Pomegranate, Tangerine, and Champagne Jellies

Jelly 1 640px

Happy autumnal equinox! Miraculously, both the calendar and the thermometer agree that it’s fall in Savannah. Usually we wait until mid-October before it’s safe to shut off the air conditioning, but having not worn my favorite sweatshirt since April, I’m thrilled for an excuse to zip it up and happily hover over the stove making soup. Two weeks ago, that was unthinkable, but this week I’m bidding summer farewell. To hell with popsicles and tomatoes and trips to the beach–fall cooking is where it’s at.

Autumn’s arrival means it’s time to think about holiday plans for those of us who will be traveling. (If talk of the holidays freaks you out, I’m sorry, but it’s true: they’re coming.) I long for the day when we get to host at our place, or at least live in the same time zone as our nearest and dearest. However, that’s not in the cards for at least two more years, so after a few harrowing hours comparing airline prices, flight times, layover durations, and frequent flyer eligibility, I’m happy to say we have tickets home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Now that the travel arrangements are taken care of, I’m faced with a bigger question: what to cook? Continue reading…

{Gluten-Free} Pomegranate Muffins


Pom Muffin 1 640px

Have you ever baked with pomegranates? Until this week, me neither. I’m happy to report it’s not as weird as it sounds.

Pomegranates debuted last week at  the grocery store in, of all places, the scratch and dent produce bins. I scour these tubs of blemished produce in red mesh bags every week, looking to score a few honeycrisp apples or three bell peppers for a dollar. Since I discovered the discount section, we’ve been eating a ton of produce. It’s appealing both for the thrill of the hunt and the simple pleasure of knowing that something didn’t go to waste.  Continue reading…