{Vegan} No-Churn Apricot Sorbet and Pale Ale Floats

hopped apricot float

Last Friday the humidity broke. Simultaneously, the thrum of a hundred thousand air conditioners ceased. The cicadas hushed: was that a breeze? People walked out their front doors and stood stock still to take in the air. Is it really fall? Did we really make it through another summer? Like survivors of a long war, we skipped off to work, ecstatic about open window sleeping and Starbucks cups marked ‘PSL.’ Maybe my sweaters can come out of their box! It’s time to bake with apples and pumpkin! Everything is wonderful!

Now to most, we are experiencing what sounds an awful lot like summer: high 70s, cool evenings serenaded by a million tiny frogs, people dashing after frisbees and picnicking in the park. It’s fleeting and we know it. Three weeks, and we’ll be shuttering those big Victorian windows and turning on the heat. But for now it’s perfect, and we’re going to soak it up. Continue reading…

{Gluten-Free} Funfetti Cake


gluten free funfetti cake

So, it’s my birthday. I’m beyond the age (21) when birthdays are exciting, and well settled into the adult routine of trying not to draw attention to myself for a few days. No no, please don’t have the wait staff sing to me while the whole restaurant looks on. I really would’ve been quite content eating a sweet potato at my desk, you know.

In keeping with longstanding tradition, I made my own birthday cake. Because if I don’t, who will?

I mean, there have been attempts. But let’s face it: I am an ungrateful prima donna when it comes to cake. I will go to great lengths not to eat that frozen gluten-free cake you picked up at the grocery store. Gonna act very flattered and grateful and then pretend to be stuffed from lunch. And then I’m going to go home and eat my real gluten-free birthday cake (after scraping off all the icing). Because it’s my birthday, dammit. Continue reading…

Peach and Corn Salad with Sweet Onion Vinaigrette


sweet onion dressing recipeAs summer ends, Savannah fills with a sense of atmospheric foreboding. It’s straight out of a Flannery O’Connor story: thunderstorms, violence, redemption, and despair. I’m prone to introspection in this Southern gothic season. And yes, perhaps, salad.

J starts his last (truncated) year at SCAD in a few weeks, and I just welcomed the last new class of my career at the law school. We officially have itchy feet. Roughly 250 days from now, we’ll be boxing up our lives and heading off on our next grand adventure. Whatever that may be, I’m ready. Continue reading…

Peach and Sweet Onion Salsa

Peach Salsa 1

When we moved to Georgia, Vidalia onions provided one of our first lessons in Southern pronunciation. For other clueless people from “out West”:

Vidalia = V-eye-day-lee-uh

not Vid-al-yuh.

Those famous sweet onions take their name from a remote hamlet where extra vowels are a time-honored tradition. And the colloquialisms! Funny names for familiar things are a regular delight. Shopping carts become buggies, a potbelly is a “dunlap” (because your belly dunlap over your belt!) and you get brown-bagged bottles of booze at the package store. Continue reading…

{Vegan} Watermelon Margarita Popsicles

Margarita 7 650w

Margarita 1 650w

I rarely bother with imaginary food holidays (apparently this is National Hot Dog month?) but Billy over at Wit & Vinegar got more than a few people excited about #popsicleweek. Consider that party officially crashed.

Photography challenges aside, it’s the perfect time to celebrate frozen things on a stick. “Oppressive” is about the only apt descriptor for Savannah right now. Heat indexes in the hundreds err’day, unexpected thunderstorms sabotaging your walk home, and muggy muggy muggy with no relief. Margaritas on a stick are a welcome sight. Continue reading…

{Gluten-Free} Cane Syrup Graham Crackers

It’s s’mores season! If you have any camping planned, I have just the thing for you: gluten free graham crackers. Now you too can partake in chocolate-smeared and crumb-dusted sticky happiness.

For reasons of necessity, this recipe is a little different than your usual honey graham. It was only in the middle of measuring out some buckwheat flour that I realized I would need honey, too. Well, I’ll be. Continue reading…

{Gluten-Free} Cherry-Blueberry Pie


gluten free cherry pie

“Make Pie” never got crossed off my list last week. We jetted off to the Bay Area for my cousin’s wedding, and in the shuffle of last-minute trivialities like paying rent, cleaning the bathroom, and finding a cat-sitter, pie never happened.

There was a lot of time spent in airports, trains, and a rental car, and then there we were: Napa. Three generations of family in a rented house, a rehearsal dinner on a croquet course, excellent food, and lots and lots of wine. I never wanted to leave, and thanks to a delayed flight, we sort of got our wish. Our extra half-day in San Fransisco accidentally landed us in the thick of the Pride Parade, the weekend after the Obergefell v. Hodges decision. So much joy there. We trudged back to SFO for the long journey home exhausted but filled. Continue reading…