{Gluten-Free} Cherry-Blueberry Pie

gluten free cherry pie

“Make Pie” never got crossed off my list last week. We jetted off to the Bay Area for my cousin’s wedding, and in the shuffle of last-minute trivialities like paying rent, cleaning the bathroom, and finding a cat-sitter, pie never happened.

There was a lot of time spent in airports, trains, and a rental car, and then there we were: Napa. Three generations of family in a rented house, a rehearsal dinner on a croquet course, excellent food, and lots and lots of wine. I never wanted to leave, and thanks to a delayed flight, we sort of got our wish. Our extra half-day in San Fransisco accidentally landed us in the thick of the Pride Parade, the weekend after the Obergefell v. Hodges decision. So much joy there. We trudged back to SFO for the long journey home exhausted but filled. Continue reading…

{Gluten-Free} Honey-Oat Bread

Oat Bread 1.0 640px

Bread. Bread. Bread.

If you’re gluten-free, those five letters evoke a passionate psychological response. Ditching gluten means, for better or for worse, becoming at least slightly obsessed with bread.

Bread will trigger melodramatic “It’s not faaaair!” meltdowns when you’re just trying to eat out, or grab coffee in the breakroom, or pack a lunch that doesn’t require utensils and refrigeration. The smell of a Subway, formerly nauseating in its pretense, will trigger a symphony of stomach rumbles. The siren call of danishes and donuts will hypnotize you in cafes. The body of Christ will even mock you at church. Us gluten-freeple can’t catch a break: bread is everywhere. Continue reading…

The Definitive Gluten Free Banana Bread Recipe



Banana Bread 1 640px

After a month of silence, we’re back! There was an incompatible update, and then the site went completely blank for a while. After discovering that my hosting has been doing automatic backups (Praise Jesus!), reading a lot of help threads, and figuring out exactly how to upload a new version of my theme, Wooden Spoon Baking lives again. I’m sure a garden variety web designer would’ve fixed in three minutes what took me three weeks, but c’est la vie.

I’m back, with banana bread. Continue reading…

Strawberry Pineapple Shrub

Shrub 1 640px

“Miami!” my co-worker imitated a little flamenco move as he said it. “The Land of Fake People.”

With that send-off and others, we expected a sea of inebriated, spray tanned college students. Thong bikinis. Camelbaks filled with beer. Borrowed Lamborghinis and lowered inhibitions. And then us: a lanky, sunburned pair with decidedly un-chiseled abs, in search of fresh roasted coffee and Cuban food on our fixie bikes. Was this vacation doomed from the start? 

We went to Miami a few weeks ago for our spring break, with zero expectations aside from perhaps stepping in puke. To our complete surprise, it was kind of great. Continue reading…

{Vegan} Banana Bread Pops

Banana Pop 1 640px

It’s functionally summer already in Savannah. You know, sunny, 70s, the whole city having a picnic in the park? Meh. It’s okay. (Okay, it’s kind of great. Trying to avoid taunting you blizzard-socked folks up north. Neener neener!)

Food-wise, this can mean only one thing: I’m back at it, turning baked goods into frozen treats. Remember cookie dough pops? Up there with the most genius things I’ve ever eaten. (She says modestly.) If you haven’t already? Make. Them. Today’s creation emulates another of my favorite uncooked baked goods: banana bread batter!

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Zucchini Chocolate Cake


“Cake is a vegetable” sounds like only the most wishful of thinking, doesn’t it? But wouldn’t it be nice if it were true? I’m one hundred percent on board with team vegetable, but getting all your servings in can sometimes feel like a chore. It seems doubly hard when you’re gluten-free, since the “pizza is a vegetable!” card is no longer an option.

Growing up with a vegetable garden bigger than some of the apartments I’ve lived in, I’m no stranger to squeezing vegetables in where, arguably, they ought not be. This cake is no exception. Continue reading…

Quinoa Tabbouleh with Chickpeas, Feta, & Pomegranate

Quinoa Salad 2 640px

It’s that time again: the February blahs. In part, I blame mine on too many potatoes and too much soup.

Now don’t misunderstand: comfort food has its place, and root vegetables and slowly braised cuts of meat are definitely good candidates if your cockles need warming. But still, I can’t help but crave freshness this time of year. After days surrounded by artificially warm, mercilessly stale air, I need a little flavor, a little greenery.

Not out-of-season spinach, though, or sad February tomatoes. Aside from citrus and pomegranates, the flat, bland produce of midwinter seems almost lab-created. Artificially perfect yet fundamentally lacking, like red valentine roses bred without scent or thorn.


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