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I’m Amy, your host at Wooden Spoon Baking. By day, I torch meringue and crimp dough at a pretty neat little bakery in Detroit, and by night I play in the kitchen to create the recipes featured here. This is largely a baking blog, but you’ll also find other tasty eats to pass the time until dessert.

The focus here is real, no-frills cooking, all made from scratch with my trusty wooden spoon. I don’t believe in complicated preparations, single-use gadgets, or that you need to break the bank to eat well. If you have a wooden spoon (and I know you do), come join the fun!

I also blog gluten-free. (Don’t hate. I promise I’m not prone to annoying lectures on the subject.) For a more thorough introduction to my gluten-free journey (and a great bread recipe), visit this post.  If you’re new to being gluten-free or just need some encouragement, visit my Nine Essential Tips for Gluten-Free Living.

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Contact me via email at amy [at] woodenspoonbaking [dot] com. Wooden Spoon Baking is also on Twitter, PinterestFacebook, and Instagram.

If you want to share my photos or recipes, go right ahead! Please follow good attribution etiquette and shoot me a courtesy email beforehand if it is for commercial use.


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