Broccoli Cheddar Soup with Wasabi

broccoli cheddar soup with wasabi

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 The weekend before Christmas, I had an unexplained hankering to go to the farmers’ market. Stupidly, especially considering we were flying out in less than 48 hours for a nine-day trip, I bought some potatoes and a few beautiful heads of broccoli.

Of course, by the night before our departure, we had eaten exactly none of the spuds or the broccoli. The potatoes would keep, but I couldn’t bear the thought of coming home to withered yellow broccoli. I knotted up its plastic bag and flung it in the freezer, crossing fingers that it would still be edible upon our return. Continue reading…

Roasted Vegetable and Tofu-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Thai Pesto

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As far as I can tell, I have had exactly two really unique recipes in the history of this blog. And were they smash hits? Not exactly. You’ve got to do something borderline inedible to stump the internet. And when you do hit on an original concept, there’s only a small group of people who are truly interested in frozen, vodka-spiked gazpacho on a stick.

I’ve found that successful food blogging is a balance, somehow satisfying a handful of interests. There’s timeliness (i.e. this should be a kale smoothie recipe), trend-awareness (and should be salted, somehow), and knowing what readers want in a recipe (5 ingredients, 30 minutes) or even in a blog post, for that matter (250 words, professional-grade photos). What I actually want to post about seems almost irrelevant.

Guys, blogging is hard. All I wanna do is tell you about this pesto.

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{Vegan} Wild Rice Salad with Lentils, Apple, & Kale

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It’s early, but…happy Thanksgiving, friends! It’s probably heresy, but instead of a salted-caramel-pumpkin-spice-cranberry-apple-pie or whatever seasonally appropriate thing I’m supposed to be posting today, I’ve got a kale salad for you. Yup. Kale and wild rice, to be exact. 

If you’re dying for something modestly loaded with sugar for the upcoming feast, the Recipes section has you covered. I’d suggest pumpkin coffee cake with apples & cranberries, pumpkin muffins, apple and cheddar galettes, and pomegranate, tangerine, & champagne jellies, for starters. Maybe a biscuit-topped cobbler?

But if like me, you’re aware that some preemptive roughage may be in order, read on… Continue reading…

{Vegan} Curried Chickin Salad

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Being in your mid-twenties is such an awkward time. A horrified friend summed it up nicely: “I’m holding someone’s baby in like the last 30 photos on my Facebook!” Yep. Everyone is pregnant or wearing a small person. I can’t suppress an exasperated sigh anymore every time someone asks, “So when are you guys going to start having kids?”

Obviously, baby showers are my new jam. I’m kind of nervous about going to these things, as if pregnancy is contagious. Fortunately, I like to make finger sandwiches and sew miniature quilts, so it’s not all bad as long as there are no cheesy party games.

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{Vegan} Toasted Millet Tabbouleh with Butternut, Hazelnuts, and Pomegranate

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Eating gluten-free means I inevitably end up having a salad when we go out. I used to like salad, I really did…until it became a symbol of everything that was off-limits. Now I throw a little pity party every time I have to eat a salad, complete with audible sighs and halfheartedly scooting leaves around my plate. Even though I love the idea of noshing on a big pile of vegetables, there is a strict ban on lettuce if I’m cooking for myself.

Despite the aforementioned aversion to lettuce, I’ve got salad on the brain this week. Not a pile of leaves with ranch and a few lonely olives, though. Especially since it’s October, we’re headed in a different direction, salad-wise. How about a thoughtful melange of whole grain, roasted squash, fruit, herbs, and nuts, barely graced by a tangy vinaigrette? Now that’s my kind of salad.


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{Vegan} Thai Sweet Potato Soup

{Vegan} Thai Sweet Potato Soup

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Fall is always a welcome reset from the rush of summer and the beginning of the school year. The concept of autumn resolutions has always resonated more than the traditional new year’s ones: brew some darjeeling, scribble in your journal, call your mother, take stock. Meditate, ruminate, discern what’s on the horizon and how you are going to keep all the plates spinning for another year. Or perhaps figure out which ones you should let go. Continue reading…

{Gluten-Free + Egg-Free} Herbed Cheddar and Oat Scones

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Talking about the fair a few weeks ago got me thinking about scones. Not just any scones: fair scones. I never actually bought scones at the fair, mind you, because we had the recipe and made them at home (no small feat before the days of copycat recipes on Pinterest!). Like pancakes, though, my trusty scone recipe did not make the transition to gluten-free. I’ve always had trouble getting gluten-free scones and biscuits to rise, especially using whole grains, and the scone recipe called for shortening, which meant not only flat rocks, but flavorless, white ones at that. Bummer. No scones for me. 

A few things changed that this week, though… Continue reading…