Boston Cooler Pops

boston cooler popsicle
boston cooler popsicle

Boston Cooler Pops

Happy Popsicle Week 2016, bebes! I’m posting today as part of a collaboration hosted by Billy of Wit & Vinegar to bring you a wide assortment of frosty treats on a stick. Check out all the other recipes here!

My contribution to this fresh and fabulous gathering is the Boston Cooler pop. Sounds good, but…what is it? Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

First, let’s talk ginger ale.  Continue reading…

{Vegan} Chia Banoffee Pudding Parfaits with Salted Date Caramel

chia banoffee Pudding

{Vegan} Chia Banoffee Pudding Parfaits

Oh dear, bikini season. 

It always comes as a bit of a shock, because for the most part I’m pretty covered up. (Modest is the hottest?) Reason being, sweaters are awesome and I am so, so tired of conversations about whether I play volleyball or tennis (Answer: Stop imagining me in tiny shorts, creep). 

I’m also somehow without a full-length mirror (more tall girl problems), so really, the only time I get a good look at myself is the odd photo. Perhaps we all romanticize our physiques, but the sight of your pale, droopy self looking back at you from a vacation shot is always a rude awakening. Eek. And then it’s salad time, yoga time, hold in your stomach time, break out the bronzer time, and stand up straight time. Continue reading…

{GF, Vegan} Cranberry Flax Muffins

cranberry flax muffin gluten free

You always miss your first job, amirite? Mine was lifeguarding, and it was pretty sweet. Working on my tan, absentmindedly skimming the pool for leaves…it was glorious.

Come to think of it, I had a lot of what you would categorize as “first jobs”: teaching swim lessons, selling vegetables, working at a fabric store, washing sheets and scrambling eggs for tourists. But at the top of the list is always Starbucks. Continue reading…

Five Ingredient Tahini Cookies

tahini cookies

Moving is tiresome. Not the cleaning and packing and evaluating your possessions part. We’re good at that part. I’m talking about the “almost but not yet” aspect, where you’ve mentally vacated your current digs but it’s not quite time to go yet. The part where every conversation begins with, “So when is your last day again?” (short answer: under two weeks, eek!). We’re tired of talking about it and ready to get going. Or not. Just no more limbo, please!

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{Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free} Orange Chocolate Chip Pound Cake


My best efforts at a posting schedule have been wishful thinking so far this year. By now you know that the updates ebb and flow with the particular tides of each season.

News time, though: we’re moving! Cross-country! Again! As we step into a new chapter, I can’t help but re-thread the narrative of our journey in search of some purpose and guidance for the road ahead. Continue reading…

{Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free} Double Chocolate Cherry Muffins

Choc Cherry 6 650px

Ahh, January is coming. Diet season. Despite a deep aversion to cleanses, Whole30™, smoothie bowls, and paleo anything, I had some really healthy intentions for these double chocolate cherry muffins.

Today’s recipe was intended to be vegan: made with a flax egg…whole-grain teff flour…dark unrefined coconut sugar. The first batch was edible, as long as you focused on the virtue they represented rather than the taste. In other words, no thank you.

I threw in the towel, added eggs and good ol’ white sugar, and the result was exactly what I wanted: basically a naked breakfast cupcake. Remember this in a month or so: giving up is delicious.  Continue reading…